Mad Men Mayhem – TV the Finale is looming!

I’m a HUGE Mad Men fan! When I left New Zealand last year, my leaving bash was a Mad Men theme.



You can imagine the bitter sweet feeling I have this morning. It is back on our screens in April (yay!) but it is the finale (boo!). I’m excited about so much. Not just the thought of drooling over Don Draper, but the fashion vision I have conjured up in my vintage mind and seeing what the reality is! And then there’s Peggy; my hero. During a tough time at work about a year or so ago, my friend said to me, “Come on, what would Peggy do?!” With that, we chuckled hard but then I thought, she’d kick the norm in the ass and rise to the challenge. Mad Men Motivation right there. I cannot wait to watch the grand finale… But I can too, because it is the end! Thank the Lord for box sets 🙂

Preparation is key!!

I’m super excited about my first UK fair. I’ve done a couple in Wellington, New Zealand but I’m yet to nail one in my hometown, London.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Hancock and Smith vintage, and I’m super excited to be a part of it!! It’s scary too… What if no one buys anything?Eeeeeeeek!!


It was born out of my love for style, vintage and thrift shopping. Not only that, but I also love a good old fashioned challenge. I get an absolute kick out of uncovering then sharing a hidden gem, and I ensure I’m on the hunt wherever I am in the world! Style doesn’t need to cost the earth and can be a real mix of old and new, handmade and remade. For me, STYLE LOVED FOR LONGER is a place to share style: pre-loved, recycled, retro, vintage, restored,, remade, handmade or just something fabulous!

What will I be selling?

I’ve got dresses and jumpers that I recently got on a trip to Berlin (plus some from lots of other countries!!), skirts made in New Zealand, Indian silk scarves, 90s jewellery, an incredible royal blue coat (that I’m tempted to keep!!) and a handful of stunning brooches that could tell a thousand stories, and MORE!!

I am SOOOOO excited to attend the Hancock and Smith Vintage Fair at the Star & Garter, Lower Richmond Road, on 7th Dec @ 12-5. What’s more, I look forward to meeting you, showing off my finds and sharing a Christmas tipple and nibble with you!

Here’s a sneak peak into some bits & bobs I’ll be selling on the day!

IMG_6445.JPG Continue reading

How many dresses are too many dresses?

My ex boyfriend wouldn’t have allowed it. Thank The Lord that ship sailed! I’m now the proud owner of a whopping 63 dresses! How the?????


I’m not quite sure if there’s a few in my case still laid up in NZ. Potentially… How exciting!! That’ll be just like free shopping.  I’m often asked if I plan my outfit the night before. The answer: no! Who knows what kinda mood I’ll be in, that’s dependent on the clobber.  I’m gonna count the rest of my wardrobe over the next few days. I can feel a clear out coming on…

Casual look for summer fun… Not the sliders again!

Today was a scorcher! Beautiful day. Started off with me literally ‘running’ late. Then thinking I forgot my phone. Turning around. Running home. Realising I’d put in inside my sunglasses case (egg). Then running again for the train. Crikey! I made it. Thank god for this non restrictive getup! Phew.


I’ve had this Levi’s dress for about 10 years, I’ve put it in the ‘to sell’ pile. It’s still with me. Same as the belt (12 years!) It’s official. I’m a hoarder. (Didn’t we know that already?). Today, I consider myself a walking example: fashion can fade but style stays. That is of course if you think today’s wears are styley! Whether you do, or not, I loved today. I chose happiness and it was a good day, I might choose the same tomorrow.

LIMITED EDITION, Karen Walker sunny g love!

I’m in love! Not with a man, but a pair of sunglasses.

Stylish, retro-chic and perfectly shaped, Karen Walker’s latest sunnies are right up my ally! So much so I treated myself on Sunday!

I love that she’s from New Zealand and I love supporting New Zealand designers. She kinda rocks my face, pwrist, ears and fingers at the mo.



Vintage is trendy, but the eye for it is unique

Not everyone can pick a good vintage gem. I love hunting and collecting for vintage treats that could, if they could speak, tell a thousand stories. It’s a real sense of accomplishment and history when you buy something with a story.

Today’s piece, a genuine snakeskin, ‘made in England’ clutch or shoulder bag. In love. Maroon. Gold detail. For life not just for Christmas.



Are you an obsessive scarf-lover? I am!

My name is Nicola. I like scarves. OK, I lied, I love scarves. They, like bags, will never let you down (unless you eat so much your neck becomes too wide, but then you could use a duvet cover!).

I can’t stop buying them. From thrifty vintage shops, op shops and markets! I think I have a problem. And so does one of my besties: Judy. Former housemate & self-confessed scarf stealer. I’m not quite sure what she’ll do now we’re no longer flatties… My scarf collection was “ours”, if I see the pile diminish after a visit from Judas, I’ll know why!

Anyhow, a scarf, my friends, can really bring an outfit to the party!! And when you stumble across a $2 silk one in Newtown, welling ton’s, “Opportunity for Animal”, grab that opportunity to make that the best two bucks you’ve ever spent!

Grab a scarf, stand up & wave it erratically in the air. Your scarf is great. And don’t you let anyone tell you differently!